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Thread: Larger Caliber or More Rounds?

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    Larger Caliber or More Rounds?

    I have completed the CCW class and I'm looking at my first handgun purchase. I'm leaning towards the Kimber Ultra Crimson Carry II as my friends at work who are ex-Army have .45's. They said that a 9mm wouldn't be sufficient for the character that you hear about time and again who goes out to do harm and is prepared with a vest of some kind.

    The .45's only hold about 8 shots where as a Glock 19 has 15 rounds in the mag. I wouldn't want to in a situation where I wished I had more shots than what a 1911 would provide; although if I was accurate with a few of the shots from the 1911, it wouldn't matter.

    Assuming you're not always carrying extra mags, which would you rather have; more available rounds with something like a Glock 19 or a larger caliber like a 1911?

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