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Thread: Buffalo Bore 115gr XTP JHP +p+

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    Buffalo Bore 115gr XTP JHP +p+

    I got a box of this ammunition recently and I was pleased to see that BB uses the Hornady XTP JHP bullet. This is good for I have been reading over the years about 9mm bullets failing to penetrate far enough into a felon's chest. The 1986 Miami shootout comes to mind. The subject BB load is the perfect answer. The 115gr XTP JHP leaves my G17 muzzle at a muzzle velocity of 1400 FPS. This bullet will reach the heart or the medulla oblongata from any angle. It won't expand too quickly.

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    I've always read good things about that bullet and there are a number of manufactures using that bullet for their self defense loads. Not to long ago I purchased some Fiocchi with them using that bullet in their Extreme line of ammo. Good Stuff
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