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Thread: A new path for smokers looks like a good thing...

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    Cool A new path for smokers looks like a good thing...

    Hey guys and gals Here's a new topic for discussion. I know it's not about guns or shooting but what if you want to live longer and healthier so you could get more trigger time? Ever at the range and want a smoke but rules prevent it? Fear not. The world of vaping is growing and accepted most everywhere. I haven't had a cigarette for almost 10 weeks and don't even want another one. I now vape and exhaling a smooth cloud that tastes like blueberry custard or a choc. vanilla swirl pudding pop makes a big difference. There is no fire, ashes, bad smell, stinky clothes, bad breath etc. that's included with smoking associated with vaping. The cost compared to tobacco product is far less and switching from one vice to another isn't always a good thing but I feel the trade off here is worth it. Also you can pick the nicotine level you want or no nicotine if that's what you want. No it's not a cure for smoking but at this point anything that really works is a good thing. I tried the patches and gum without any promising results at the request of my doctor. I haven't felt this good for 30 yrs. I can breathe better and my taste buds have sprung back to life. Well this is something I felt was important to share so if anyone wants to talk about it with me, feel free to get back with me. By the way I've even seen an AR 15 mod that looks really good when you stop between mags to reload and take a puff or two. Ya'll have a great day. Live long and be happy. Peace, Gunn'r
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    Good for you Gunner and congratulations on 10 weeks, stick with it man! I'm a smoker too and have just been trying to cut's just to damn hot to smoke outside.
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