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Thread: How often do you carry?

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    I carry every day and when it's not on my hip or ankle, it's in a Hornady safe on the table next to me. Been this way since 2011 when Wisconsin passed concealed carry legislation. Before that, I carried around the house and yard but very rarely when I went out... only when I thought it was absolutely necessary. Have 3 carry permits (Wisconsin, Utah and Florida, which covers me for 38 states).
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    Carrying my Glock 43 2 years...since 2015.
    It's best thing I ever bought in my life

    Have a nice day guys

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    I carry concealed most of the time. Know the laws in any area you may travel to. Know them.
    “Without a rifle you are nothing, worthless, you are waiting for death, any minute, any second.”
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    Every awake moment of my life. I carry.


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