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Thread: Heads up on a possible ammo ban

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    Post Heads up on a possible ammo ban

    I was made aware of this tonight i'd like to say it comes as a suprize but when it comes to gun rights nothing shocks me anymore. I wonder if the NRA can make a difference in this case???

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    Hey bro, what the fuckheads in DC are talking about is the M 855 (green tip) round. They consider it to be armor piercing therefore not to be used by intelligent humans. By the way it's not really armor piercing as they say but you know about the truth and DC... There is no truth in DC.Some real threats from org.s in the know backing from elected officials with a brain and testing of the actual rounds to show the idiots what it will and won't do along with some time and this too will pass. Changes are coming and soon liberals will be something you will only read about in books like dynosaurs. Keep the faith bro. Write and call your reps. in Wash. DC. Take a stand and let them know you won't budge. We the people will win. Peace...
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