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Thread: Investing!!!

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    Hey guys,
    Im pretty new to the world of investments. Here is the big question, is ammo a good investment?

    Of course its great to have ammo to shoot in the future, but it would be nice to maybe turn a porfit, or at least not experience a loss if i don't shoot all the ammo. I feel it is a good investmebt because i have seen prices continually rise over the years.... but is it just staying on par with inflation? There are also the instances where there is the shortage, like now with 22lr, $20 boxes i think can be sold for near $60.

    Is there a specific round that may be more valuable in the future but still easy to sell? I have buy 9mm, 45acp, 762x39 and 762x54 (all calibers i have guns for).

    or would guns be a good investment? Buy quite a few inexpensive ARs and AKs right now and wait for a demand spike like we had the other year.

    A few downsides and risks would be the ease of selling these items as well as any wonky laws passed in the future that could make these items illegal.

    Im curious to here what all you guys think. It would also be great if Tom could chime in. All ideas are more than appreciated!


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    Hoarding ammo just to try and make a profit only hurts real shooters. Thats you and me. The rest of the world keeps on going and could care less about us trying to rip off our friends and assosiates. Just get all the good ammo you can and if you can set up a reloader and make home loads. it's good for the economy and it's good for all of us that shoot...
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