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Thread: Price negociation with your local gun shop

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    Price negociation with your local gun shop

    Does anyone know if it's ok to negociate prices with your lgs and if so whats a good way to do so? The reason I ask is i'm looking at buying another handgun and one of my local dealers wants $750 but I can buy the same gun from tombstone tactical and have it sent to a dealer further away for $530. The gun in question is a G17 gen4 and the only reason I've used the dealer that wants more is because he's right down the road from the police station where I have to have the gun added to my permit. (stupid NYC law we have to follow)

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    Bro, that high pricing just might be due to the fact it's convenient as far as getting to the local cop shop from there. If it's not a very small shop and has some decent inventory you can talk with the mgr. and let him know it's much less elsewhere but you like this shop and have done (and will do) business with them because you like the shop and would he be willing to work on the price of the G 17 you like. Making friends with people in small mom and pop shops really does help at times. My favorite gun shop in SC always took care of me with "special" prices. I did all my business with them so they took care of me... Peace bro.
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    I always prefer to support my local gun shop whenever possible. That said, the difference between the prices you mentioned is tough to swallow. You have to factor in the transfer fee to a local FFL but I think the local guy could do better assuming in both cases you are talking new guns. Are you already a good, repeat customer, klnown to the dealer or just a one time drop in customer. It matters.

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