View Full Version : Weapon Light Your Opinion Please

07-10-2014, 05:29 PM
In my night stand safe I have a Glock 17 with a weapon light attached. I pulled it out of the safe last night and was thinking about how my college age kids often come home late at night. I started thinking about if I use the weapon light I might be covering my onw kids or wife with the muzzle of the gun. Am I being paranoid or should I dump my weapon light on my home defense guns. If so I need to practice with a flash light

07-12-2014, 12:56 PM
A little paranoid but understandable, I think if your worried about having the gun pointed at someone you know, then practice your grip and keeping finger off the trigger until you know. If the light is bright enough you can point it at the floor and it will light up the room pretty good. The reason I would say that instead of a flashlight is when you clear a room with a flashlight and gun, they are usually pointed in the same direction anyway and if not then the time it takes to point and shoot, your light could already have gave your position away and put your self in the line of fire... Just my opinion.

07-12-2014, 01:57 PM
Iwap, hey brother, just my opinion but I would get a good tactical (small) flashlight and practice shooting with one hand in low light situations. There are plenty of good options out there and when you are half asleep and startled by a "bump in the night"you don't want to make any mistakes. The training and practice are simple and with minimal effort you can develop muscle memory to handle what may happen in your house. Another good alternative is buy a few nite lites and place them strategically around your house so when the kids come in in the middle of the night not only will you be able to see them as your eyes will be in night vision mode all ready but they won't be tripping and bumping into things to wake you up in the first place. Like I said these are just my thoughts on the subject... Peace bro, Gunn'r:cool: