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07-08-2014, 10:47 PM
What are some nice guns made with at least ambi-mag release and saftey. I know fnh pistols are awesome for left hand shooters. I wish Sig was more left friendly but unfortunately most are not.
Most people will just tell me to shoot right but I have lost most dexterity in my right hand after the doctors had to reattach my arm to my body after an accident. The doctors were amazing but not going to get to 100%. That's what got me into shooting, because it something I could do after my injury and do well. Bowling was out the window...lol...ANYWAY back to the point, any recommendation on ambidextrous guns.

07-09-2014, 02:27 AM
Most of the guys I know that shoot southpaw use their trigger finger to operate the mag release and other then that you really need no other left hand controls. Slide locks are for administrative gun handling. You should NEVER use it when reloading. Always run your slide to chamber a round. I know you said not many "Sigs" but the P250 and P320 series have ambi controls. The mag release is reversible also. I'm not well versed on this subject so if you're not into the Sigs I do hope you find a gun suitible for your personal needs. Peace brother, Gunn'r:cool:

07-10-2014, 05:12 PM
Sig P320 has a slide release on both sides and magazine release can be changed to the left side