View Full Version : Chuck E Cheese video

08-29-2013, 10:08 AM
I loved the video Tom. I always watch your videos on my Apple TV and never see the comments that people leave on YouTube so I thought I would leave you a thought here.

The manager did exactly what a manager in a retail shop should have done and not make a comment. Most places tell their managers that they're not a spokesman for the company and all policy questions should be directed to their corporate office (which I think he did). If he would have made a comment and the company found out, he probably would have been terminated.

What you can do is do a follow up. Call their HQ and ask for someone in their media relations or Human Resource department and ask for an interview on their no firearms policy. If they decline ask them for a written statement and tell them that you're going to do a story on their policy with or without their cooperation and make sure they know how many viewers follow you. My guess is they're already aware of you and he probably reported you to their office.

It's worth a shot. But from looks on the Google, their policy on guns has been a topic on many forums.

Personally I don't understand why any business would still have these signs up anymore. After the movie theater shooting almost everyone around here took them down and you rarely see these signs anymore. Their policy still may be no firearms but they're not advertising it.

Another thought for your videos. You could start giving a shout out to PRO gun businesses or do a video on PRO gun companies throughout the US.

Anyways. Great video and I enjoy your channel.