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Boxer Puncher
08-15-2013, 10:36 AM
I originally came from YouTube when I stumbled across this guy's video and channel when I was in the market for a 1911. I was dead set on a sig but once I saw his videos on the whole Kimber shootout I fell in love and had to have it. I just picked up my first Kimber Pro CDP2, two weeks ago and have a new Kimber Pro Covert 2 on the way this week! Now all I need to do is fine the right IWB holster. That's going to take some time. I've boughten and exchanged about 3 so far. I'm narrowing it down slightly and the holster on the way from amazon looks like it might have everything I've been looking for. I am infatuated with the mechanics and smoothness and looks on these 1911's and thank Tom for every little bit of his time and effort. I can honestly say he pursuaded me to get the Kimber. I can't wait to get a Ed Brown or Les Baer. I heard the story about Ed Brown so I'm probably leaning towards a Les Baer. I have plenty of toys to keep me interested for quite awhile now though. after these two kimbers. I'm trading in my Glock 27 in about two or three weeks and buying a Colt AR-15 and already picked out a nice EOTech 512 holo site for it! Be safe, shoot and enjoy! ps. oh ya, if Tom sees this. My username on YouTube is: SickAudi. He told me to stop by here, and I did. Looks like its a nice tight family and group ^_^

08-15-2013, 08:17 PM
Hey bro, Welcome to the forum from SC. Im suprised Tom convinced you to get a Kimber. He has a few nice 1911's and one of his favs. is a Sig. Hope you enjoy yourself here. We love people that not only learn but contribute too. Let us know how you like the CDP pro 2. Ive seen a few and met a guy that shoots one. I like 'em and would like to know more about them as I want to get a 1911 with a short bbl. Don't know if I want a 3 or 4 in. yet. I here they are made to work with a 5 in bbl. and you can run into trouble with the smaller ones. I'd love to know from someone that shoots one alot as to how dependable they truely are. Again welcome bro, Gunnr:cool:

Boxer Puncher
08-19-2013, 02:45 PM
@Gunnr thanks man! Yeah I had my eye on a few 1911's. I fell in love with Kimber when I picked up a magazine from one of my local gun shops and watched his 1911 video. definitely helped me out with the decision to go with a Kimber. considering the next step up would be a Les Baer or a Ed Brown, wilson Combat etc.. Someday lol! I love the 4". I thought the 3" was too small for my liking but I'm going to eventually grab a 3" kimber someday for carry to replace my Glock 27.