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05-03-2013, 08:44 AM
Well, I just picked up a Beretta Nano BU9 (in black frame) at Sportsmens Warehouse for $379.00. I've wanted to pick up something compact for Summer carry, and was considering the M&P Shield, but when I got my hands on the Beretta, I really liked the feel in my hands. It's well made, and solid. The ergonomics in the hand are good, allowing for accurate and firm intuitive aiming when shooting from retention. I did a few changes to my gun, by adding a LaserMax Centerfire laser, Talon grips, Trijicon night sights, and an extra 8 round magazine. The grips give a little more purchase in the hand, which helps on the draw from concealment. The gun has very little felt recoil when shooting it, and for having a 3" barrel, the gun is amazingly accurate, with tight, precise groupings at 25 yards (my local range's indoor distance limit.) I've had no failures with this gun so far, after putting a few boxes of ammunition through it. Here are some photos of the Nano:

Nano with laser and rubber texture Talon grips

Nano with granulated Talon grips

Stock Nano

05-03-2013, 08:47 AM
@ 25 yds using Fiocci 9x19mm 115 grain FMJ ammunition.

Please pardon the lousy grouping, but I wear bifocals now, and when my front sight post is in focus with my glasses on, at 25 yards, everything looks like a big white sheet of blur.