View Full Version : Trying to get my permit, And have some questions.

05-01-2013, 01:10 PM
I'm in the process of getting my permit and have been watching your videos all day. Anyway I'm 24 male, I live in Indiana. I'm had anxiety all my life and have panic attacks at time. When I was young my anxiety was terrible. Now me being 24 I have came a long way and have learned different ways to deal with it. I am on anxiety medicine but have never been court ordered for any kind of help or shrinks. When my anxiety was at it worst almost 11 years ago I did see a shrink but haven't seen then. Long story shirt I needed a letter from my doctor because when I was filing on the application for my permit I answered yes for mentil illness. The state simply just needed a letter from my doctor saying I'm stable and not a threat. He wouldn't write me the letter so I called the state and they said my medical records will be fine. I also wrote a letter explaining my situation. I've never been arrested or anything like that. Hell I've never even been in a right. My question to you, is in your option so you think I still have a chance to get my permit so I can protec myself and my wife. I've found a great passion in firearms and hope to get my permit and training and all that good stuff. I appreciate everyones time and opinions Thanks!