View Full Version : Found Your Site Looking At Safe Videos

02-05-2013, 02:47 PM
I started to post your safe video on another gun forum web site, and stopped to check if you guys had your own forums. Figured I would get banned at that site if I did, so I reversed the process, and joined your forum here.

I am a retired gun dealer / pawnbroker. I am now an artist, concerned the gun grabbers might get a better foothold against my freedoms to own and use firearms.

Please, please, please, please join every lobby group to support our 2nd Amendment. Show me another, and I will send them money as well.

Great save video, fantastic!

I purchased used, my ammo safe has 1.5" thick UL listed steel on all sides. My weapons door and walls are thicker. One safe, has a safe inside a safe, and the empty weight is 5,000 pounds. That came out of an old post office. I was in a business one day, and saw it sitting unused, asked the price to sell it, and the guy gave it to me to get rid of it. The Post Office kept stamps in it, until they sold the building, and the safe along with it.