View Full Version : State gun laws

01-09-2013, 07:22 AM
As the fear mongoring is being talked about on a federal level. We need to stand up for ourselves in the state you're living in. Lets not forget, our founding fathers gave us the rights to stand up against the federal government. We not only need to write & call our senators and congressman in Washington. We need to call our politicians in the state you happen to live in and tell them that you don't want stricter gun laws in your state. I will talk about Massachusetts laws (where I used to live) and North Carolina. We have to come together. So please share your state gun laws on this thread. We can help each other out.

While I am here. People you need to calm down on all this ammo buying, magazine buying, parts to build your AR, etc. You are the reason these prices have skyrocketed. You need to take a simple economics class and learn supply and demand. Stop buying and the prices will go down. Just my 2 cents