View Full Version : My review of the Mossberg 715t

12-13-2012, 11:48 PM
For anyone that thought about buying the Mossberg 715t. Here is MY personal opinion on it. I bought the gun at the range as an impulse buy. At the time I was a member of CTVSP. They only have a 25 yard range. The only long arms allowed are 22LRís and shotguns. I was a little bored and had an itch to burn some cash. I thought the Mossberg looked cool and would be fun to plink around with. First, the gun comes with a 25 round magazine that is almost impossible to load 25 rounds in. When you finally figure out how to do it, you realize it would probably take you less time to just load 10 at a time. The first 200 rounds I had about 20 jams and 10 failures to eject. Brake in? Lemon? I donít know, could be a little of both. I brought it home and stuck it in my safe not even wanting to clean it. Tonight after a couple months. I decided to give a good cleaning and see if maybe thatís what one of the problems where. Gunky, sticky crap. Iíve purchased guns before that where gunky and sticky, so maybe this one was too. I took out the manual it came with and, itís full of sht too. : ) YouTube it was. Looked around and all I could find where videos of people taking this thing down to nothing! I was like; this canít be a basic field strip@#$%^?? It wasÖ So, I started. About 16 screws and a few stubborn pins later, I had a pile of crap in front of me. All I could think of was grabbing a garbage bag and dumping it all. I didnít. I went forward like a child doing chores for punishment and cleaned it. It was then time to get all the screws pins and plastic crap and put it back together. Make a long story short and avoid some cursing, I finally did it. Not sure if it will ever work again, but its back in one pieceÖ If anyone is interested, This fine piece of crap is for sale : )