View Full Version : Another fan from Texas

11-26-2012, 09:08 AM
Hello all, Carl from Texas. Been a lurker for a while with a couple of post. I just back into the gun world after a 30 year absence. Conceal carry? Assault weapons ban? What the heck are those?? lol. Yeah, I missed all that. I started out with my first gun being a Colt/Browning Woodsman 22 auto 1959 model I bought in the mid 70's. Followed by a S&W Model 19 357 4 inch. Loved those guns. Target shot a bunch. However, I sold them in the early 80's when my drag racing addiction took over. Well, Drag racing has slowed down and wanted to get back into guns. Reseached the gun world for a couple of years and got serious earlier this year. Discovered all the gun channels on youtube and became a big fan of Tom's videos. I did buy a Ruger P95 last June to get back into the shooting world and has been a great gun. 1000 rounds later, no problems at all. Now, I looking at training and concealed carry. Having a blast in the gun world after a long, long lay off. Gun shows have been some of the most fun I've had in years. I'm starting to pay attention to the old Military stuff now and learing what they are and what theater they where in. Cool stuff it is. You know, you can't just have one gun, lol. Looking for my next purchase. haha