View Full Version : New light weight machine gun and it uses polymer cases! Video link attached.

10-03-2012, 08:25 PM
The link tales you to the 2012 Marine Corps Exposition. Vendor from LSAT gives a brief on a new design for a machine gun (MG) two variants. It is 1/2 the weight of current in service MG and the AMMO casings are made from polymer! This cut the weight for the ammo by 1/2 also. The say the technoligy can be "scaled" to fit any caliber. Another application: polymer rounds for my polymer mag, for my Glock. Of course all the Die Hard 1911
deciples will hate them. LOL

Compact Ultralight Machine Gun

AAI Corp. recently showed off the latest version of its Lightweight Small Arms Technology light machine gun at Modern Day Marine 2012. The new version has a shortened barrel and a folding, telescoping stock.