View Full Version : Greetings from Wisconsin!

10-03-2012, 09:16 AM
Hello one and all. I'm from Wiscosnsin, the land of bogus recalls, hippies and corrupt teachers unions. I'm a former LEO and work as a Paramedic for a private ambulance company. We are relatively new into our concealed carry life up here. We first were allowed to carry concealed on November 1, 2011. I've had my CCW license since early December 2011. I'm not allowed to carry while I'm on duty, but when I'm off duty I carry whenever I can. I've also convinced my wife to get her ccw license. Now, in Wisconsin, we don't have "permits." We have licencses. Maybe it makes too much sense to give us a permit. I don't know.

I'm also a licensed amateur radio operator and am active on the Wisconsin Carry facebook page. I've been a subscriber to the Weapons Education YouTube page for quite some time as well, and learn a lot from what's talked about on the channel.

Best wishes to all of you!