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10-02-2012, 03:55 PM

I live in the Central Valley of California and have been watching and have subscribed to Weaponseducation on YouTube. I really like all of the videos that have been posted and enjoy sharing the information with friends about gun safety, their use and the stigma that comes with gun ownership by society. I have grown up around guns and many of my fondest memories are with my brother and dad hunting in Northern California. I own a variety of firearms for both hunting and personal defense. My favorite handgun is the H&K USP Compact in 40 S&W. I purchased this firearm in 2000 and have been a fan ever since. I recently purchased a reverse two tone Sig Mosquito after watching the YouTube video on weaponseducation about the gun and am extremely satisfied with this purchase. I have only fired 200 rounds through the weapon using CCI Mini Mags and have had no problems. Not even any failure to feed or fire that occur on so many reviews on YouTube. One thing that I did do with the gun was purchase English walnut grips and let me tell you. It looks awesome! It takes this good looking gun and makes it that much cooler and the grips feel that much better in my hands. I will try to attach a picture. Hope it works. One of the biggest things that frustrates me are the gun laws in California. Here's where the stigma of gun ownership comes up. So many people are afraid that simply owning a firearm will make you a bad person. As you are all aware this is totally false. An educated society on firearms is one that understands their uses and is less likely to fear what they finally now understand. I wish that California was not as restrictive on Firearms as other states in this nation. A least half of the firearms that are available for purchase in the US are not available to be purchased. One of the many drawbacks of living here. Feel free to comment about any or the items I have rambled on about. I look forward to reading ang posting in this Forum.