View Full Version : FalconThe45 - New Youtube Channel!

10-02-2012, 10:40 AM
Hey Guys!

I wanted to share my channel with everyone! This is perfect timing Tom, i have just started uploading videos! My channel is very laid back where we discuss different firearms and do tabletop reviews. I created the channel because I love watching the youtube videos and seeing how much fun everyone is having interacting with one another!

I have just started uploading and would really appreciate some feedback! Please stop by and comment and ask questions, im very easy to talk to and will reply to all comments :cool:

Besides firearms, my other hobbies also include Video Games and Fitness. I share these hobbies on my channel as well. I have a separate playlist under my feature video for firearm videos if you do not care for the video games (which is understandable ;) )

Thanks for the time and I look forward to interacting with you guys!
Make sure you stop by and comment and subscribe for future videos!

- Tony