View Full Version : very sweet 1911 by Kimber in .45ACP:

12-27-2015, 04:10 AM
Kimber Tactical II Custom. Bought one for a backup carry gun many months ago. Thing is SWEET. Here are the featurs I personally care about and like:

Match grade barrel, bushing, & trigger
checkered front strap and mainspring housing, also in front of trigger guard
Tactical wedge tritium night sights
Countoured magwell
Beautiful metal finish and comes with very nice wood grips

Kimber is IMO among the very best .45's, and you get a lot for your money.

As for performance, here's how my other one (Custom II Stainless) shoots:
7 yards, cuts bullet holes on many ocassions
25 yards: 5-6 inch groups
50 yards: 8-11 inch groups

I had the firing pins in mine changed to titanium ones from Wilson Combat, along with heavy springs. Cuts lock time down noticeably.

Kimber is the first 1911 I've ever actually owned, and I am more than satisfied with what I've gotten for my money.