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12-27-2015, 03:57 AM
I don't exactly recall how I found them, but USCCA sells insurance for legal costs and related stuff in case you MUST use your gun to defend yourself. They have a monthly magazine and no shortage of training video clips & such. www.uscca.com And no I'm not their employee or affiliated with them in any way except I know they offer good insurance that covers everything from bonding out of jail, attorney fees for criminal/civil charges, and stuff like that. If you are interested, go to their site. I'm not their spokesman, just a customer, so you judge for yourself :D


12-27-2015, 07:15 PM
Hey bro, I'm a member of the USCCA (Gold) and have been for over 3 years. You got it bro. it's a top notch orinazation and Tim is a real person.... Kevin knows his stuf and they do send out training and info emails to anyone that wants them. I highly recommend them if you carry a handgun and the training videos and books they offer are great should you want them. There's also a lot of PDF material they give away that is very useful... Peace all.:cool:

12-28-2015, 02:01 AM
Yeppers! I don't know what the level I have right off, but I do know it costs the most lol. Pray I never need it, but it nice to know I have it if I do! I do visit their site fairly often and get emails and all that stuff, and think responsible CC guys like us see the reality of needing such a thing.ld

The one biggest thing I've picked up on there is regarding what NOT to do after an incident, especially with the 911 operator. Pretty important stuff if ya get indicted or anything, and could make the difference as to whether or not you DO get indicted!

Saw u on the intro thread, and good to see ya here as well!

On a different note, there's this young guy at the Speedway station about 2 miles from here. One time I had used their men's room, and on the way out, I didn't realize my magazines were showing outside of my shirt, and he was kind enough to let me know. This started a conversation about CC and guns in general. That's been several months ago.
Saw him there last evening, and the kid was extremely excited. Said he had listed some TRT courses out for his mom to pick from for his Christmas present, and she picked Medical Response. Then he started on about how he had to buy kneepads cuz of brass on the ground, and he hasn't even gone yet. Anyway, the class is in TN, and I hope the guy has a good time, but I'm really wondering about his skill level in being able to respond to deadly force more so than the medical stuff. I may offer him some one on one training myself, just for threatcon's, draw/aim/fire drills, dry fire especially, and if he needs it, marksmanship....I need to find out what his actual skill sets are first though. Thing is, I'm 46 and been around the dang world, and here he is no older than 25, working at a gas station and still getting presents from his mother, so I just wonder if the kid needs help is all. Further, if he can convince himself to afford CC insurance, I would certainly recommend it to him.

Guys who are trained and able, I think should offer to help newbs/kids/whoever....would hate to see someone sent to jail; for a stupid, preventable mistake, or worse, lose his life for lack of proper training.

Anyhow, ya all take care.

MP Gunther
12-28-2015, 07:35 PM
I've taken some lady friends of my wife to the range with me a couple times to instill in them firearm safety and handling. I think they came away with a little more knowledge and I learned about patience.

12-28-2015, 10:59 PM
Hey bro, Tactical Response medical class is most likely the best medical training out there for civilians. James Yeager and his people know their shit and it is a great 1st or 2nd class to take. Defensive hand gun (I think it's called) should be his next choice. James classes are very reasonable as compared to other training facilities. I live in Pahrump NV which is the home of Front Sight but I want to grab a class at TR some day. You can never learn too much and training at a few places with different trainers gives us all a foot up on those that don't train or never get any variety in their training... I hope this kid can handle himself the training is for real and can be tough...... He will come out of it with better than military medical field combat training.