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04-14-2015, 11:13 PM
I have purchased Federal 'Tactical' HST 9mm +P 147gr ammunition (P9HST4) to use in my 9mm carbine. I have a new red-dot electronic sight for the carbine that I need to zero. While I would love to blast through my actual stock of HST ammo to zero the sight, availability and cost prevent that from easily happening. Also, unfortunately, I cannot find any FMJ training type ammo to substitute. The obvious choice would be to look at Federal's American Eagle line. I did not see anything comparable. I emailed Federal and they confirmed the fact that they do not manufacture a training round with similar ballistics as the P9HST4.

I have looked at all of the brands that I could think of (Winchester white box, Remington UMC, CCI Blazer, Speer Lawman, Magtech, etc.) I did find one round on Midway USA's site that matched perfectly. According to Midway, the Fiocchi 9APD loading matched the HST ballistics exactly. However the product was out of stock. So I searched other sites for the same Fiocchi round. I discovered something odd. Some sites listed the same ballistic info as Midway USA. Some sites listed ballistics that were totally different. So, I decided to look at the Fiocchi website. Even odder... the Fiocchi website listed a third set of ballistics that were different from the other 2 sets.

To wrap this up... can anyone help me find a cheaper and more readily available round to zero my sight and train with?

The ballistics for the Federal HST P9HST4 are:

Muzzle - 1050fps
25 yds - 1020fps
50 yds - 994fps
100 yds - 949fps

Muzzle - 360ft/lbs
25 yds - 340ft/lbs
50 yds - 323ft/lbs
100 yds - 294ft/lbs

Bullet Drop:
25 yds - 0.0 inches
50 yds - (-)1.2 inches
100 yds - (-)10.3 inches

Ballistic Coefficient: 0.2

Barrel Length for Above Data: 4 inches

04-18-2015, 09:02 PM
Bore sight first.
Do initial sighting in with ANY ammo, then switch to your ammo for final tuning.
Knowing the click adjustment, some folks can shoot three shots, determine the center of the group, and calculate the adjustment to make to the sight from that.

04-19-2015, 11:51 AM
Bro, I would think that reguardless of ammo used it's the weapon that will affect the trajectory of the bullet more then the weight and pressure of said round. Whether it's a few grains heavier or flying faster doesn't count for as much as the barrel, twist rate and who's holding the firearm. You can get your sights on with any 115 gr. FMJ and shoot +P+ in any weight and expect to get the same results. Just my 2 cents bro....