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  1. What is your stance on the 2nd Amendment. Do you think we need some gun control?
  2. Maryland CCW law
  3. If you need to know the laws for handgun carry in your state
  4. CCW At The Office?
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  6. Thoughts on Concealed Carry on Campus
  7. Open Carry law in Florida
  8. The gun laws in my state ''SUCK''
  9. Pro 2nd Amendment Romney or Obama
  10. Would you feel safe in New York this week!?!?!
  11. Hopes Dashed
  12. No ammo
  13. Go the the NRA website and email your Congressmen and Senators
  14. Gun control laws are illegal anyway....
  15. What is an assault weapon?
  16. New GUN CONTROL bill introduced to Florida House on 1/7/2013
  17. Not going to the state capital..so who wants to meet and shoot on Saturday?
  18. Please sign this petition against Bloomberg
  19. Civil Action Needed By All
  20. Hartford, ct video from anti gun legislation
  21. More from Hartford, ct hearing
  22. David Kopel Testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, January 30, 2013
  23. Laws for CT
  24. Colorado, what part of shall not be infringed don't you understand?
  25. NRA to the rescue
  26. Feinstein, Obama to Continue Push for Gun, Magazine Ban; Magpul Stands Firm with Gun
  27. Background checks remain in gun control limbo
  28. Democrats push bill in Congress to require gun insurance under penalty of fine .
  29. Yep, these are the people who make our gun laws
  30. What would you do?
  31. Beretta to leave Maryland
  32. Better than background checks
  33. So how are you supposed to get your gun out of NY?
  34. Dealing with NYSAFE AR15 ban
  35. Background Checks
  36. Democrat or Republican
  37. Consider yourself lucky you aren't in NY
  38. Ammo laws for LI
  39. Gun/ammo laws for Boston MA
  40. Heads up on a possible ammo ban
  41. Do we have any shot in 2016?
  42. Are the websites “pocket carry” holsters accepted as “open-carry” holsters?